Verification Engineer

מס' משרה: 201628

גוש דן

A leading global company is looking for verification engineer!

• Responsible for the full life cycle of verification, from verification planning to test execution, to collecting and closing coverage.
• Plan the verification of complex digital design blocks by fully understanding the design specification and interacting with design engineers to identify important verification scenarios.
• Create a constrained-random verification environment using SystemVerilog.
• Identify and write all types of coverage measures for stimulus and corner-cases.
• Debug tests with design engineers to deliver functionally correct design blocks.
• Collaborate closely with design and verification engineers in active projects and perform hands-on verification. 
• Close coverage measures to identify verification holes and to show progress towards tape-out.


• B.A. in Electronic Engineering, MSc. an advantage
• Experience of at least 5 years as verification engineer, completing at least 2 full chip development cycles
• Knowledge in verification methodologies, tools (simulators and relative APIs, coverage tools, accelerators, formal, etc.), and techniques
• Knowledge of Verilog or VHDL, System Verilog
• Experience in C and Perl programming
• Experience in building of verification environment from scratch, with the emphasis on verification methodology
• Experience and knowledge of System Verilog methodology is advantage
• Good knowledge of Unix environment and script languages
• Methodological approach to building of verification environment and test plan
• Methodological approach to the verification tasks planning and execution
• Documentation skills

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תחום: בדיקות תוכנה - QA


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