מס' משרה: 203270

גוש דן

תחום: אלגוריתמים

מקצוע: Data Scientist

A known hitech company is Looking for a senior AI researcher to join our team .
What you will do:
You will work on practical applications that influence millions of people
You will apply your scientific knowledge to analyze and collect data, identify problems, devise solutions and construct methodologies.
You will develop machine learning and deep learning models for time series and tabular data.
You will collaborate with other scientists, engineers, designers and analysts all over the world.
You will work in a supportive environment in one of the best companies in Israel- You will participate in the cutting edge and relevant research in unsupervised learning, casual inference, reinforcement learning, and other areas and will publish research papers in prestigious conferences.


M.Sc. in computer science, electrical engineering, or related areas from a top university
Passionate of making sense of user behavior using AI
Possess hands on experience in machine learning and data science

איזור: גוש דן


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