Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

מס' משרה: 201915

גוש דן
We are looking for an Cloud Infrastructure Engineer!

Develop and maintain the platform that runs all of Tapingo's services
Scale a system that serves millions of users, processing hundreds of millions of dollars yearly using cutting edge technologies
Build performant, highly available distributed services
Build developer tools, frameworks and cloud automation software to be used by all engineering teams
Continuously improve our software delivery processes
Drive initiatives for adoption of strong software architecture, development best practices and new technologies
Conduct root cause analysis on production issues with other teams


Deep understanding of distributed systems (cap theorem, durability, fault-tolerance, consensus, etc)
Experience with technologies that make up the new "cloud native" stack. This includes Kubernetes, Docker, and Go
Experience designing, building and operating highly available distributed systems
Experience identifying, tuning & eliminating performance bottlenecks
A passion for software architecture & clean code

איזור: גוש דן

תחום: מערכות מידע IT


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