Application Engineer SPC Signal Processing and Communication

מס' משרה: 203099

גוש דן

תחום: אלגוריתמים

מקצועות: Deep learning, מהנדס אלגוריתמים

Join a dynamic team that combines a passion for MATLAB and Simulink with, development of Signal processing and Communication applications of our customers in various industries (Aerospace & Defence, Medical, Electronics, Education, etc.) and will be responsible for demonstrating the products during sales meetings, conference calls, public seminars, and in the development of complex product demonstrations. Application Engineer will have a major role in implementing MathWorks solutions and in providing technical training for customers.


1. Providing technical pre-sales support, in understanding and synthesizing customer requirements, then explaining the features and capabilities of our products and related third party products relative to their specific needs.
2. Preparing and delivering product presentations to customers. These are delivered during customer meetings and during marketing seminars where large audiences exist.
3. Developing demonstration programs, application examples, and simulation models. These are generally used as support for a sales call or to make a solution clear relative to an application support assignment.
4. Providing technical support to customers who require guidance on how to use evaluation products for their adaption of MathWorks products.
A bachelor's degree in Engineering
Deep knowledge and understanding of Signal processing domain and Communication systems
A few years of work experience in development Signal processing domain and Communication systems
with MATLAB & Simulink
Experience in developing Embedded Systems – advantage

איזור: גוש דן


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