Algorithm Engineer

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תחום: אלגוריתמים

מקצועות: Computer Vision, Deep learning

A leading company provid an AI solution for ultrasound users is seeking for a Talented Algorithm Engineer to join the algorithm team. We are looking for a proven talent, who is striving for the challenge of working with a large-scale algorithmic system, hands-on, and highly technical.
What Will Your Job Look Like?
Leading algorithm development for state-of-art medical imaging systems, the overall responsibility of the algorithm tasks in the product.
Implementation of new algorithmic modules, focusing on computer vision and artificial intelligence.
Data Science and Data analytics: Deep Learning data preparation. Design of Deep Learning Networks for Classification, Segmentation, and Tracking algorithms. implementation of models in the production environment.
Solving complex computer vision problems, maintaining, testing, and analyzing algorithmic components.
What Do You Need to Succeed?
B.Sc. in Exact sciences (Computer Sciences, Electrical /Electro-optical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Biomedical Engineering).
At least 2 years of algorithm development practical experience in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
Strong ability for an independent end to end implementation of algorithm solution: problem analysis and definition, mathematical solution, code implementation.
Strong programming capabilities and experience.
Motivated, creative, and a self-learner.
Ability and willingness to work both independently and in a team.
Good communication skills.
Experience in Python and OpenCV.
Experience in C++ – Advantage.

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