WEB developer
מס' משרה: 202151

.A company that develop computer signal processing solutions is looking for a WEB developer

Client side
  • Angular.js– at least 1 year proven experience. Using the components-based application architecture. MUST
  • Good understanding of JavaScript (prototype chain, closures, es6 syntax and modules).
  • Good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 (animation, flexbox and RWD)
  • Familiar with CSS preprocessors (LESS, Sass, Stylus). 
  • Experience using module blunder (Webpack, Rollup, Parcel …)
  • Experience using task runner (Gulp, Grunt).
  • Familiar with unit tests, integration and functional tests
  • Experience with mobile and touch-screens web application development.

  • Experience in angular 2+, reactjs, vuejs or vanillajs - advantage. 
  • Familiar with a UI framework (bootstrap, angular-material…) - advantage 
  • Understanding of web security, cross-browser, cross-platform issues and accessibility standards. – advantage

Server side
  • Any experience working with database (MySQL / MS-SQL / Oracle or noSQL DB).
  • Any experience in a server side language (PHP, Python, C#...)


  • BA/B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent from a known institution
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of client-side architecture and experience in building large scale web applications.
  • Ability to design responsive web-application. 
  • 2+ Years' Hands-On experience in web development

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תחום: תוכנה


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