System Expert

מס' משרה: 203445

חיפה והקריות

תחום: IT , devops , system

מקצוע: System Engineer

A leading securiyt project company is looking for a System Expert 
At least 3 years of experience in the large-scale systems management.
System understanding for Microsoft (required) 
Extensive experience in setting up, operating, and maintaining Microsoft technologies such as:
Exchange, Active Directory, Clusters, Operating systems for end stations and servers.
In-depth understanding of virtual infrastructures - VMware, Hyper Converge.
Knowledge and experience in storage systems.
Advantage for knowledge in Netapp - working with SAN / Brocades / Cisco MDS switches.
Advantage for extensive knowledge of backup systems.
Preference for graduates of classified units and a clear priority for level 3 at least.

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