Senior Python Developer

מס' משרה: 202666

גוש דן

For a hi-tech company developing products for the health care industry, we are looking for an experienced developer to join our Backend team. You'll be building a highly scalable distributed system that handles billions of requests daily, using the latest and greatest development technologies.


Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or military experience at a technology unit.
At least 4 years of industrial experience during which you have acquired an in-depth knowledge of Python – a must
Top-notch programming skills and hands-on experience with node.js.- חובה
Experience with high-load / scalable micro services.
Experience with messaging frameworks (RabbitMq / Kafka / etc.) 
Experience with non-relational databases (Redis / Mongo / etc.)
Experience in big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark or Cassandra.
Experience working on CI/CD dockerized environment.

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