Senior Penetration Tester – Red Team

מס' משרה: 202863

גוש דן

תחום: אבטחת מידע וסייבר

מקצועות: penetration testing, security Analyst

A leading company is looking for a Senior Penetration Tester
 As a member of the offensive security team, you will be tasked with various different projects including unordinary and proprietary systems.
Performing intelligence gathering, planning and exploitation of various technologies and resources.
Leading application Penetration Tests and architecture reviews.
Conducting offensive security operations such as Phishing, Social Engineering simulations and DDoS.
Attacking domain environments and performing Red Team engagements:
OSINT, passive and active reconnaissance
Attack planning and execution – Exploiting public facing services, phishing, social engineering, etc.
Payload development
Privilege Escalation
Lateral Movement
NAC bypass techniques


Experience in application penetration testing:
Cross-Site Scripting
Cross-Site Request Forgery
SQL Injection
XML External Entities
Server Side Request Forgery
Remote Code Execution
Uploading Web Shells
Deserialization and Object Injection

איזור: גוש דן

תחום: אבטחת מידע וסייבר


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