Senior FPGA And Hardware Engineer

מס' משרה: 202867


תחום: חומרה

מקצועות: FPGA Engineer, Hardware Engineer

An integral part of GuardKnox product development in the hardware development team.
This team is responsible for the core hardware and logic design which powers GuardKnox embedded solutions. The FPGA and hardware development engineer will the responsible for high reliably real-time FPGA logic development activities and hardware design, including design of low-level drivers and conversion from code to logic.
·      High reliably FPGA logic development
·      Design of system architecture and data flow on a SOC with processors and FPGA logic
·      Development of bare metal drivers
·      The transition of functionality from software to FPGA logic
·      Hardware component selection and basic board design (including power and analog)
·      Development in conformance to safety and cybersecurity standard


·      Bachelors’ degree in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science – A must
·      Hands-on experience with embedded systems– A must
·      Hands-on experience with FPGA development – A must
·      Low level and bare-metal programming – A must
·      Familiarity with Xilinx architecture – A must
·      Experience with hard realtime application development – preferred
·      Experience with board design – preferred
·      Experience with safety-critical systems – preferred
·      Experience with automotive systems – preferred

איזור: השפלה


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