Security Researcher

מס' משרה: 203362

גוש דן

תחום: אבטחת מידע וסייבר

מקצועות: Cyber Expert, cyber security engineer

A cyber security company in Tel Aviv providing IT/OT convergence and OT/ICS innovation is looking for a Security Researcher.
What You Will Do:
Bring your top qualities as a security researcher to impact to product directly.
Develop the inherent algorithms to be used in out products.
Identify and research new innovative methodologies and technologies that could improve our security engines.
Work with a group of security researchers and data scientists to analyze unique context-rich endpoint and network traffic data collected through our cloud platform.
Develop advanced techniques to classify IoT devices and detect anomalous behavior.
Identify additional data sets that can be useful in refining and enhancing IoT security engine.
Keep being updated in the cyber-security landscape: threat intelligence, academic papers, news, forums, and technical blogs.
Research new and existing cyber-security attack techniques and territories, while evaluating detection tactics.
Identify and evaluate potential security breaches that currently exist and may pose a potential threat to customers’ networks.
What You Bring:
3+ years of experience in industry cyber-security research.
In-depth knowledge of networking and Internet protocols.
Hands-on experience in information security tools and attack methodologies.
Experience with network/security-related data analysis.
In-depth familiarity of the cyber-security attacker’s mindset.
Hands-on experience in software development or ing languages.
Excellent written and verbal English communications skills.
Motivated, fast learner, versatile, independent, and a team player.
Practical Machine-Learning / Data Science experience - a major advantage
Similar position in cyber-security firm – a major advantage

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