Security Researcher

מס' משרה: 202654


A leading cybersecurity company is looking for a Security Researcher
Design anomaly detection algorithms
Data analysis
Network/Authentication protocols analysis
Malware research
Cyber-attack campaigns analysis


Cyber security professional with a minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience
Proven experience with malware analysis or/and incident response, red-team and penetration testing
Experience with identifying and analyzing trends or patterns related to security incidents and abnormal behaviors
Excellent data analytic skills of network traffic, internal network based logs and OS event log with understanding patterns of activity and identify attacks.
In-depth understanding of organization’s security, risks and potential attack vectors in all of the organization’s perimeters
Understanding of Windows authentication methods (Kerberos, NTLM, etc.) security issues, attack vectors and related security trends
Experience with Windows related vulnerabilities
Strong knowledge of SQL language
Programming and scripting background (C++/Python/Perl)
Must possess strong verbal & written communication skills in English
Team player, confident, independent and enthusiastic!
 Desired Education:
BA /BSc in Computer Science or graduate of 8200/Mamram or similar unit.

איזור: השרון

תחום: מחקר, אלגוריתמים ו- Data


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