QA Team Leader

מס' משרה: 203056

גוש דן

תחומים: בדיקות תוכנה - QA, בקרת איכות (QC) / אבטחת איכות

מקצועות: QA Team Leader, תוכנה QA

Build and manage a group of QA engineers
Build and enhance QA infrastructure and automation tools
Work closely with Engineering, Product Management and Support teams to ensure alignment of objectives, test coverage and timelines


At least 3 years experience as a QA Team leader
At least 7 years experience as a QA
Deep knowledge in QA methodologies and automation
Experience with testing REST API
Experience with SDK / API s
Experience with Python 3.X and Pytest, Selenium frameworks
Strong leadership skills that inspire team confidence and respect while motivating team members in a creative and effective manner 
Strong understanding of different software development life cycles and contemporary software QA processes and automated tools 
Manage process and methodologies designed to support accurate, efficient and repeatable software and application deployments

איזור: גוש דן

תחום: בקרת איכות (QC) / אבטחת איכות


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