Priority Leader

מס' משרה: 202628


תחום: מערכות מידע

מקצוע: ERP

Job Description
Lead and manage corporate applications (Priority ERP and others)
Interpret business needs & strategy into information system's processes to support business growth
Responsible for IT business application
Support users with business application
Initiate and lead cross functional information systems projects
The successful candidate should have the following:
BA / MSc degree in Industrial / Compute Engineering / or any other relevant degree
5+ years of experience as a Priority leader in industrial manufacturing / hi tech companies
Proven experience with systems integration - definition, implementation and development
5+ years of experience in analyzing, defining, leading and implementing computerized projects and processes
Experienced in leading large & complex cross company information systems projects
Proven knowledge of modern technologies
Ability to research for IT solutions (technologies and applicative) - mandatory
Proactive business approach and organizational process understanding (understand the big picture yet detailed oriented)
In-depth knowledge of Microsoft applications
System knowledge and experience - advantage

איזור: צפון


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