Full Stack Team Leader!

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גוש דן

תחום: פיתוח

מקצועות: Node.JS, React

Leading SAAS Start Up is looking for a Full Stack Team Leader!
What will you actually be doing?
Responsible for people's professional and personal growth & well being.
Building the team’s and product roadmap - Build the next generation of DAP (Digital Adoption Platform).
Responsible for team deliveries.
Take a major part in our strategic growth as R&D team - technology and process-wise
Guide team development efforts to ensure successful task delivery.
Provide technical leadership by coaching and mentoring team members.
Collaborate with other software developers and architects to plan, design, develop, test and maintain code and infrastructure.
What we need you to have: 
6 + years of programming experience.
2+ years of experience in a leadership position.
Proficient in JavaScript.
3+ years of experience in Node.js.
High standards for code quality, testing, and performance.
Experience in Microservices architecture, cloud and SaaS environments.
Strong understanding and hands-on experience of web technologies and architecture.
Exceptionally good at debugging, performance profiling and optimization.
Stellar software architecture capabilities.
Experience in working with high scale, distributed cloud-based architectures and AWS specifically.
Ability to carry requirements from early phase to full implementation.
Ability to work with multiple stakeholders and manage multiple projects

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