Embedded Software Micro-Controllers Developer

מס' משרה: 203532

ירושלים יוש

תחום: פיתוח

מקצוע: c

Job deion
A leading Tech company in the A.I. field is looking for an Embedded Software Micro-Controllers Developer.
Your responsibilities in this role can include:
- Board bring-up involving embedded micro-controllers.
- Platform software support for various projects
- Bug fixing
- Performance improvements
Job requirements
Must have:
- Proven experience with micro-controllers development.
- Experience in writing device drivers for various peripherals in C.
- Experience in debugging the low level source code on the processor/SOC/micro-processor using In Circuit Emulators (JTAG/ICE) and other suitable methods.
- Knowledge of processors/SOCs/MCUs
- Proficiency in embedded software programming in c/c++ on embedded processor/SOC/Micro-controller and Linux/Android
- Experience in working with version control systems like SVN and Git
- Experience in writing bash/python/ruby scripts
- Knowledge of standard protocols like USB, TCP/IP, I2C, UART,  MIPI-CSI and others
- Experience in working with DSPs.

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