Director R&D *דיסקרטי

מס' משרה: 203218

גוש דן

תחום: בכירים

מקצועות: Director, מנהל פיתוח

משרה : 
A unicorn company (worth more than 1 billion dollar) located in the center is looking for an experience and talented R&D Director to be part of the management level (reporting to the VP).
You will manage more than 100 top notch brilliant people, define road maps, milestones and have all the resources you need in order to take the company to new and exciting goals.


משרה : 
Experience as a Director or VP in a strong hightack company
Experience in managing more than 50 employees
Development coding background
Experience in defining road maps and milestones
Ability to lead talented people

איזור: גוש דן


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