DevSecOps Engineer

מס' משרה: 202246

גוש דן

A successful company that develop mobile commerce application is looking for a DevSecOps Engineer.
As a DevSecOps Engineer on the Information Security Team, you will play a central role in architecting
the company security controls, policies and standards.


• At least 3 years of hands-on experience as a DevOps engineer.
 •Experience with programming languages (Java, Javascript, Python and Go ,etc).
• Experience with   TCP/IP and HTTP Protocols.
•  Experience with Kubernetes and Docker.
• Highly experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Linux systems.
•  Experience designing, building and operating highly available distributed systems.
•  Experience with code analysis tools for static/dynamic analysis, penetration testing and
web application proxies like ZAP/ Burp Suite.

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