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מקצוע: Devops Engineer

A leading tech company is looking for DevOps Engineer
The responsibilities
You will be responsible for all aspects of the platform including maintenance, upgrades, automation, and new feature development that will be used by Codefresh customers.
Manage our production and multiple development environments
Designing and embedding industry best practices for online services including disaster recovery, business continuity, monitoring/alerting, and service health measurement
Deploy, configure, and manage automation and monitoring tools
Help building a data-driven culture by providing statistical trending and analysis using real service data to increase service health and quality
Adapt architecture, infrastructure, and tools based on market growth and technology rapid evolution
Identifying system problems from the live site and recommend solutions to improve processing efficiency and stability
Working closely with peer engineering teams on defining and implementing improvements to service monitoring and reporting to enhance reliability and capability
Evaluating and contributing to the product, service design, and architecture, help shape service engineering strategies, review specifications, design and improve upon core processes
Building knowledge in incident & problem management, change management, security, and compliance
Providing operational support for day to day activities involving the deployment of services
Develop effective tooling, dashboards, alerts, and response to identify and address reliability risks
Enhance team technical capabilities and workforce by using cutting-edge technologies from the DevOps culture
Identify opportunities for improving the security, reliability, and scalability of our production services.


3+ years of  experience in DevOps, operations & service engineering
 Must have deep experience with Kubernetes (operational and deployment experience), Docker
Possess top-notch troubleshooting skills and a diagnostic intuition to solve challenging problems
Experience with Monitoring tools, preferably Prometheus
Knowledge in deployment models, capacity
Knowledge in deployment models, capacity management and utilization of services
Knowledge in the design, architecture, and running of complex, large scale online services
Understanding of cloud services ( preferably Azure/AWS), PowerShell, and software security concepts
Previous working experience in a DevOps engineering model
Experienced with and proven knowledge with major cloud technologies and public cloud providers
Expert command of config management principles and an ability to code your desired state, preferably by using Terraform
Extensive engineering experience with Linux
Experience working with databases and have a strong understanding of system and networking concepts and troubleshooting techniques
Strong Git, GitHub experience

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תחום: IT , devops , system


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