Devops Engineer
מס' משרה: 202180

A leading company is looking for a  Devops Engineer.

What will You do?
Design and build solutions using Python, Shell scripting, Docker and related technologies. Develops, deploys, maintains, and troubleshoots internal tools and microservices. Automate workflow using open source tools and public cloud infrastructure.


• Proficient programming or scripting ability, in Python and Linux shell scripts.
• Proficient automation skills with Ansible (preferred), Terraform, Chef or similar.
• Working experience with AWS managed services including but not limited to Application Load Balancers, Kinesis, S3, EC2, Route53, VPC, Lambda.
• Applications and tooling includes, but not limited to: Nginx, Spark, HDFS, PostgreSQL, Zookeeper, Kafka, Redis, Elasticsearch, Docker, Consul, Nomad. 
• Use of source control system such as Github.
• Working knowledge of software development methodologies including, regression testing, Jenkins continuous integration and git workflow.
• Experienced with integrating disparate systems through, REST/JSON APIs and proprietary interfaces.
• Experience with high-availability, high-performance, open source web technologies. 

איזור: ירושלים

תחום: מערכות מידע IT


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