Deep Learning / Computer Vision Algorithm Developer

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מקצועות: Computer Vision, Deep learning

We are seeking a Computer Vision/Deep Learning algorithm developer to join our team. As part of our team, you will have a significant opportunity to grow and make an impact, developing a cutting edge solution and connecting the physical world with the digital one. We are seeking a team player who is eager to join an interdisciplinary team, bringing sharp problem-solving skills and create a new breed of capabilities.
You will be responsible for developing new algorithms to solve exciting computer vision challenges reducing our customers’ manual work, from survey analysis to flying drones.
To solve these challenges you’ll need to combine approaches from multiple disciplines: Deep Learning, object detection and classification, photogrammetry, 3D mapping, geometry, image processing, optimization algorithms, and more.
Your work will range from early research and feasibility studies, through algorithm definition, hands-on software implementation and integration to getting feedback from the field and improving performance in the real product.
You will team up with an agile team of experts working in cutting edge software development methodologies, to deliver quality software to our customers.


MSc in a EE/CS, Ph.D. is an advantage
At least 2 years of experience with deep learning for computer vision problems
At least 2 years of hands-on experience programming in Python, capable of writing production code using software engineering best practices.
Hands-on experience with the following: Tensorflow/PyTorch/Keras and OpenCV
Familiar with CNN’s – theory, architectures, optimizers, etc. Background in 3D – advantage
Experience in delivery and maintenance of algorithms to real products
Fast learner and resourceful team player, self-motivated and loves solving complex problems
Business-fluent English
Bonus: love drones and photography

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תחום: אלגוריתמים


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