מס' משרה: 203098

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תחום: מערכות מידע IT

מקצוע: DBA

An advanced consulting company who certified in data & analytics is looking for a DBA
DBA application & infrastructure, in a small team 
Managing 300 critical production BD, with Thousands of users.
LINUX / UNIX / WINDOWS workspace
SSIS, SSRS, Python, Shell & TSQL developing
Working with technologies such as SQL SERVER 2012-2014, SYBASE, AZURE
Replication server, dev support, mirror, DR.
Working in a high level intense with cross-managing inside and outside the organization.
DB project managing and DWH with Big Data


 At least 2-3 years of experience as DBA Oracle and/or SQL Server
LINUX/UNIX experience is a significant advantage
Working in a dev team experience is a significant advantage
Code developing in scripts language or some other languages
Application & infrastructure abilities
Service oriented 

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תחום: מערכות מידע IT


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