Data Scientist

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תחום: אלגוריתמים

מקצועות: Data Scientist, מהנדס אלגוריתמים

A global sotfware company is looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join the Data Science team, which drives all of the decisions in our targeting enginens.
As our data scientist, you will be:
''    Working with billions of rows of retail data (purchase data from offline and online retailers)
''    Building new predictions for new business or product needs
''    Calibrating and monitoring existing scores to achieve best performance
''    Working both with the product and R&D teams on building new products and solutions, while also working with the delivery teams to solve ad-hoc problems which require ML
''    Affecting millions of shoppers around the world as your deliverables go immediately into production
''    Coding Python and SQL
M.Sc or PHD - an advantage. 
Data science:  at least 2 years of experience in classic machine learning algorithms in the areas of classification, prediction, clustering.
Knowledge in Recommendation systems - an advantage.
Familiarity with the retail and marketing landscape - an advantage.
Experience in OOP, coding Python and using ML libraries.
Experience in applying data science on a distributed environment (e.g. PySpark) - a big advantage.

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