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המשרה אינה אקטואלית
כותרת מנהל פרויקט בכיר בתחום ה IT (התמחות בהטמעת SAP)
מס' משרה 198224
תפקיד מנהל פרויקט בכיר בתחום ה IT (התמחות בהטמעת SAP)
מנהל פרויקט בכיר בתחום ה IT (התמחות בהטמעת SAP)
דרישות חובה

Demonstrated success as a project manager for medium complexity IT projects in a multi-national corporate environments, executing across multiple time-zones and cultures

? Demonstrated success at managing medium complexity projects with ability to work in a virtual team which may work across distance (remote), cultures and time zones, in a matrix with multiple reporting lines, and may extend outside the K-C organization including suppliers, partners and customers.

? Is familiar with a range of analysis, modelling and design methods; has broad current knowledge of IT standards, applications and trends. Can facilitate the analysis of business processes, and articulate potential changes to business processes in a lucid and cogent manner, both orally and in writing.

? Broadly skilled in information and communications technology. Has a comprehensive knowledge of relevant development life-cycles and strong interpersonal skills.

? Verbal and written fluency in English is mandatory

2. חובה ניסיון בהטמעת מערכות סאפ

4. ייתכנו נסיעות לחול בהיקף של עד- 30%
דרג מנוסה
תחום שיווק ומכירות.

* המשרה פונה לנשים וגברים כאחד.

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*Up to 4 years of experience as a Project Manager from software international companies


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דרישות התפקיד:

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