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המשרה אינה אקטואלית
כותרת Senior Backend Developer
מס' משרה 200508
תפקיד Senior Backend Developer
לחברה מצוינת בתחום הIOT דרוש\ה מפתח\ת BACKEND בעל\ת ניסיון בNODE.JS
דרישות חובה

Kwik is an IoT and E-commerce company based in Binyamina and NYC, Specializes in one push order.

About Back End Team

We define the API that the mobile team consumes.

We code it all and we document it using Apiary.

We define the database model.

We do devops - setting up servers, writing deployment scripts etc.

Our language of choice is node.js for our server, MongoDB for the DB, and bash for devops but we tolerate also python.

Senior Backend Developer


1. Developer

A. Developed a whole backend system or clearly separable part of a system.

B. Complete control of the whole process of development, build, deployment.

2. Backend

A. Knowledge of one or more backend stacks. We dont care which. We currently use node.js.

B. Understanding of REST Api, conceptually and practically.

3. Senior

A. Mentor others on your team.

B. Be able to double as Dev Ops.

C. Be able to architect for scale.


1. Good command of English

2. Developed backend system large enough to incorporate scaling concerns into its architecture.

3. Was in the senior back end developer position for 2 years or more.

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