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המשרה אינה אקטואלית
כותרת algorithms engineer/ Principal Machine Vision Engineer-119
מס' משרה 199996
תפקיד algorithms engineer/ Principal Machine Vision Engineer-119
לחברת הייטק מצוינת באיזור המרכז, מפתחת פתרונות SECURITY לבתים חכמים דרוש/ה Principal Machine Vision Engineer
דרישות חובה

The main responsibilities of this role is to research, design, implement and document algorithms in the field of machine learning, machine vision and more.

Qualifications: or ph.d. in electric engineering, computer science, applied mathematics or physics from a known university with minimum gpa of 90
at least 5 years of experience in algorithm design and implementation.
solid theoretical foundation in machine learning and computer vision algorithms.
experience with opencv is a plus.
hands on experience in matlab. python is a plus.
experience in radar signal processing is a plus
experience programming in windows using c++ or c# is a plus
excellent written and oral communications skills required
able to communicate effectively and clearly present technical approaches and findings
ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
דרג מנוסה
איזור מרכז מורחב
תחום תוכנה.

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