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המשרה אינה אקטואלית
כותרת Cloud architect
מס' משרה 199615
תפקיד Cloud architect
Cloud architect
דרישות חובה

5 years of server side project development following by at least 3 years of server side project architecture
Experience in development, deployment and management of a cloud based solution
A Deep and wide, up-to-date knowledge of at least one major cloud provider (AWS, Azure)
Ability to quickly learn and put into practice new topics
Experience in private cloud development such as OpenStack is an advantage
Expertise in one of the following programming language: C#, Java and Node.JS
Knowledge of software architecture approaches such as SOA, Microservice Architecture, Actor Model, N-Tier, etc.
Experience with many of the following technology concepts:
Queue, Cache, Load Balancer, Docker and/or other Container Services, CDN, IoT, Big Data, Cognitive Services, Media Services, App Service, Server less Architecture (Amazon Lambda, Azure Functions), Service Fabric, RDS, NoSQL DB, User Identity Management (Auth0, Azure B2C)
Experience with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Loves people as much as code, and code as much as people – the ability and willingness to mentor other developers
Solid communication skills are an advantage - ability to be both a strong technical writer as well as a dynamic public speaker
Solutions sales mentality in an environment with multiple products and services
Good overall knowledge of a broad range of technology and technology trend
Experience across vertical industry areas is an advantage
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ארכיטקט טכנולוגי. JB-2132

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SW Architect

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Software Architect for a company located in the "shfela"

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· 5+ years hands-on Java and python, bash scripts, familiar with Scala
· 7+ year of proven experie...

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