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כותרת Software Developer Engineer in Test.Senior Lead
מס' משרה 200321
תפקיד Software Developer Engineer in Test.Senior Lead
לחברה מצויינת באזור המרכז דרוש/ה Software Developer Engineer in Test.Senior Lead
דרישות חובה

Manage QA infrastructure building and enhancing automation tools
Confront complicated environments and products testing.
Design, develop and execute tests for Web solution components
Development and maintenance of automation frameworks
Responsible for complex systems and environments with high attention for details.
Collaborates with project team members or customers to evaluate or diagnose problems and recommend possible solutions.
Communicate with teams across the organization on testing strategy and design.

Basic Qualifications:

• 3+ years experience in a Quality Assurance as a Team Leader
• A University or College graduate
• 3+ years programming automation tests in Java
• 3+ years experience with scripts/bash
• Excellent communication skills required for documenting, connecting with other groups and leading QA infrastructure design tests
• 4+ years of experience of writing or testing software in Unix/Linux environments.
• 4+ years working with internet protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and HTTP
• Experience with web related topics (HTTP, SSL) – advantage
• Experience in CI/CD methodologies - advantage
• Proven experience in building automation systems from scratch – major advantage
Desired Qualifications:

Experience with virtualization.
Professional or academic experience in testing distributed systems.
Knowledge of developing application, client & server side software products.
דרג ראש צוות
איזור מרכז מורחב
תחום אבטחת איכות תוכנה.

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