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המשרה אינה אקטואלית
כותרת IQ Engineer ( QA ) - 167
מס' משרה 199317
תפקיד IQ Engineer ( QA ) - 167
לחברה מצוינת באזור רמת גן דרוש/ה בודק/ת תוכנה ידני/ת
דרישות חובה
What will you do?
Tuning and Calibration
o The IQ Engineer is responsible for managing IQ tuning and calibration activities for R&D’s I.P. A crucial part of these activities is to recognize image artifacts and to identify the root-cause for them.
o The IQ Engineer is responsible to know how to use relevant calibration and tuning tools, such as FastStone and Lightroom.
IQ test plans
o The IQ Engineer is responsible to be familiar with R&D’s I.P[s] on a block-level aspect.
o The IQ Engineer is responsible to plan, design and execute test-plans on R&D’s I.P.
Customer activities
o The IQ Engineer is responsible to handle Ad-hock tuning and calibration requests from customers and to be available for on-site tuning support.

What are we looking for?
· IQ expert, knowledgeable with state of the art image standards.
· Expert in identifying image artifacts.
· Strong customer oriented approach.
· Able to write tests, execute them repeatedly and reflect statuses clearly.
· Good presentation and communication skill set.
· People energizing skills.
· Willing to travel abroad as part of the job (1 to 2 weeks per trip).
· Fluent in English.
· Ability to learn script-oriented languages, such as Python.
· Experience with image processing and objective and subjective image quality assessments.
· Knowledge with Adobe Light room application.
· Hands on experience working with and debugging functionality test boards.
· Customer support experience.
· Knowledge with Python.
דרג מנוסה
איזור מרכז מורחב
תחום אבטחת איכות תוכנה.

* המשרה פונה לנשים וגברים כאחד.

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