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כותרת qa team leader
מס' משרה 199159
תפקיד qa team leader
דרישות חובה

· 3+ years of quality assurance experience for desktop/mobile native applications.

· Deep knowledge of software QA methodology, processes, and appropriate tools.

· Experience with continuous integration systems.

· Understanding of common software development and project management methodologies.

· Good communication and personal interaction skills. This person must not only be a strong manager, but also able to effectively influence all levels - peers as well as company leaders.

· Curiosity and intelligence with top-notch problem-solving skills.

· Grace under pressure.

· Strong work ethic and positive attitude.

· Excellent English writing skills
דרג ראש צוות
איזור מרכז מורחב
תחום אבטחת איכות תוכנה.

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