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cps - Job Details

כותרת QA Engineer
מס' משרה 198389
תפקיד QA Engineer
לחברת SAAS מעולה הממוקמת בהוד השרון דרוש/ה בודק/ת תוכנה!
דרישות חובה
Skills & Qualifications:
B.Sc in Computer Science or Engineering or Science or equivalent experience (Elite IDF technology unit graduate).
· 3-5 years of experience in testing, at least 3 of them working on a Web based application.
· Good understanding of different QA methodologies (Regression Testing, Functional Testing, Exploratory Testing etc.).
· Power User Level in the Windows (7 or above) OS.
· Working experience with SQL.
· Excellent English communication skills (reading, writing, speaking).

You are the right fit if...
· You make developers care about quality
· You cant fall asleep if you havent reported that annoying issue that will crash the entire version
· You report bugs that developers are afraid to read
· You ALWAYS break new features
· You can maintain your test environments
· You see risk where people see opportunity, yet you know how to mitigate it
· You know that automated testing is better than manual testing
· You know that manual testing is better than automated testing
· People listen to what you say (and respect it)
· You dont believe it until you see it
· You dont believe everything that you see
· You are passionate about great software
· scripting experience (e.g., bash, vb script, java script, c#) in windows/other systems
· experience with automation tools (qtp, selenium etc.).
דרג מנוסה
איזור מרכז מורחב
תחום אבטחת איכות תוכנה.

* המשרה פונה לנשים וגברים כאחד.
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הוסף לסל המשרות